Friday, February 1, 2013

Remembering Little Tia

Tia and her Grandpa F.
I almost bought a baby doll the other day because it reminded me of Tia.  It was slightly larger than the average baby doll and was soft and round and had the cutest smile on its face.  I actually carried it around the store for a while feeling nostalgic.  Tia was my smallest baby when she was born, and she didn't smile at me until she was three months old, but she became a round, smiley little girl.  Just thinking about our "little" Tia can still make those who remember those days smile.

Tia was easy going, and liked a schedule.  She took two two hour naps a day for quite a while, and when she would wake up, she would just play happily in her crib until I went to get her.  At three Tia slept as much during the day as baby Kayli.  When she was in Kindergarten she would come home really tired, and if she watched a movie she'd fall asleep.  She decided she was too big for naps though, and so she started refusing to watch a movie after school, and that was the end of Tia's naptime.

Tia was a very snuggly little girl, and when she was three I wrote, "She is still round and still likes to rock-a-bye.  When she is sad she often 'wants a song!'  She has been confused in the past when Kayli wouldn't cheer up even when Tia sang Twinkle Star to her."  Singing to Tia was a really good way to cheer her up and make her feel better.  She loved to sing "ABCDEFG" and "dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh".  (She apparently didn't use the more traditional short names of those songs for a while).
This bench was not meant for real people, but Tia loved it.
Tia had a friend (Megan) when she was three.  She would talk to Megan on the phone, and go and play at her house, and that made them both happy.  On Tia's birthday they both dressed in pretty dresses for the party.  Tia, like Trisa, liked twirly dresses.  Dresses were most appreciated if the skirt would twirl out.  I think that made dancing more fun.
This is Trisa and Tia in their cow dresses.  They weren't twirly dresses, but they were fun.

Tia had the cutest little squeaky voice.  I love to listen to it on the videos we have of her.  Tia did sometimes get grumpy and then we would call her "grumpy bear", but her more regular nick name was "huggy bear".  I wrote that "Tia can be a little thunder cloud or she can be the brightest of sunshine".  Thankfully, she tended more toward sunshine.  She still does. 

Smiley Tia

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