Monday, February 4, 2013

Remembering Super Jake

In my journal I described Jake's birth this way:  Jake came out feet first.  I could hear the nurses, "Oh!  Look at those little feet!  And that cute little bottom."  And then, "He's definitely a boy."  Then Jake cried, and me too because I was so happy.

Jake's birthday was very, very happy.  His birth went well, and I felt better after his birth than with any of the others.  These were all blessings, as was the talent of the surgeons who fixed his heart defects, and the family and friends who supported us through it all.  I remember seeing Jake right after his surgery.  He looked so good, and I leaned down and whispered in his ear that I loved him and he should try to get better as fast as he could.  I had the feeling that he understood me, and would do it.  He has always amazed his doctors with how well he has done, and I know that faith and prayers contributed to his quick recovery and continued good health.
Jake started to walk at 9 months old.  He was little and I remember putting him down on his feet at church once and having someone gasp because they thought he was maybe four months old.  He has always had incredible balance and would do dangerous things and be fine.  I liked taking pictures of Jake because he got into so many things.  I wrote, "...he got out a pizza pan and sat on it and he is incredibly pleased with himself when he knows he's being naughty.  It is hard to keep a straight face when he's being so full of glee!"  He liked to fake burp at the table and laugh, and fake sneeze with his sisters.  When he was one I wrote "He climbs anywhere his leg will reach."

Jake loved the "phone, phone" and could be found sitting on my bed with it any time I left the door to my room open.  He loved his shoes because they meant he got to go outside.  He'd give his shoes to someone and lay down and stick his feet up so they would put the shoes on him.  He went most everywhere with me, and was mostly a good shopping buddy, but he thought it was very funny to hide from me, which I didn't enjoy.

Jake hasn't ever been a real fan of food.  It has always been a struggle to get him to eat.  He gagged on everything, and the only thing that seemed to stop that was Derek yelling "don't gag!" at him.  We tried to get some nutritional food down him, including baby food green beans which Derek nicknamed pond scum.  So one night Jake was saying his prayer and he said "thankful I could eat carrots, pond scum, and dananas" (bananas).


Jake wasn't great at sleeping either.  I don't think he slept through the night much until he was five.  Once he wasn't sleeping and he yelled "I scary, I scary!"  He's really not a scary boy.  He is compassionate, and kind.  He's an excellent brother and he's smart too.  We are thankful for Super Jake.


Anna said...

The last time I saw Dan in church I called him Jake. He gave me a perplexed look, but at least he acknowledged me. When he was half way down the hall I realized my mistake but it was too late to do anything about it. When I see them so infrequently they kind of mix me up because Dan is now the size I keep thinking Jake still is! They are both stinkin' cute!!

Happy Mom said...

I am just loving this stroll down memory lane about all of your kids. I love that you wrote all of this down!