Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Receiving Gifts Graciously

These flowers are beautiful, and I am happy to report that I received them very graciously.  However, I have another memory where I did not do well at all.  It was almost time for Derek to come home, and I was grumpy.  Somehow (and this is odd) I had the feeling that Derek was going to bring me flowers, and I knew that they would be light pink carnations.  I grumpily wanted bright colored flowers.  Even with this advanced knowledge (or suspicion) of what was coming, I handled Derek's very thoughtful gesture ungraciously.

Derek had taken time out of his day to go to a store and pick up perfectly lovely flowers for me, and when he presented them, I reacted badly.  His face fell.  My heart sank.  I had disappointed him, and myself.  I knew then that I didn't deserve those flowers, and that I might never get any again, and I would deserve that too.  I apologized, but felt I couldn't really apologize enough.

Thankfully Derek is kind, and before too long he bravely brought me some beautiful red carnations, which I received in a much more gracious fashion.  However, I still wish that I had reacted to the lovely pink carnations with the same generosity that Derek showed in giving them.  Even if I hadn't felt gracious, but had acted graciously, I would have felt SO much better.  I do not believe we will ever regret receiving gifts graciously!

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Michelle said...

You are so upbeat and blessed because of it. Your example inspires me to try and distinguish between self inflicted misery and mental illness misery.