Monday, October 19, 2009

Rewind -- Fast Forward

10. Celebrating Trisa's birthday with a trip to visit her, go to the Lake with cousins (without her), take her to a play, and then bring her home for a day. Thinking about how proud of her I was when she was born. Now she's grown up and I'm still so proud of her -- only more so.

9. Celebrating my birthday while trying not to think that as fast as time is passing I'll be 80 the day after tomorrow.

8. Going on a trip to Alaska with Derek. Brrr. Cold but beautiful and a nice chance to relax. Thanks to Derek's parents for watching the kids again!

7. Going on a trip to KY to my Grandma's funeral (see photo below). I went with my oldest brother and my youngest sister. My parents were there too and I am glad I went. I learned that my Grandma could do the Charleston (a dance). She was amazing in lots of other ways too.

6. Celebrating Dan's 3rd birthday (see blurry picture below). He is three and -- is finally mostly potty trained (which is the other thing I've been doing).

5. Getting the kids ready for school and actually sending them to school. This includes taking Trisa to college. Her blurry picture (below) is her in her apartment. (Sorry I haven't taken photography classes!)
4. Right before that we went to Idaho where Derek hiked with my brothers, brother-in-law, nephew, etc. and the rest of us partied with cousins (or in my case with my sister). Below is a picture of Dan and his twin cousin (born the same day). They were enjoying picking apples, tasting them, and then tossing them.
3. Right before THAT trip we were at Lake Powell with my side of the family minus my parents and my older brother and his family. This was thanks to my brother-in-law Jeff and my sister Jenny who generously invited us to share their houseboat. That trip was very good for some of my non-swimmers and helped them to see that you can have fun in water. Dan loved going shirtless and having popsicles any time he wanted. Fun times! We love life jackets!

2. Before that it was family reunion time with all of the fun that goes with that including a pinewood derby with cars for everyone who chose to make one. That was a big hit.
1. Finally, (or first) after our trip to Nauvoo there were the usual things of summer including youth conference, girls camp, gardening (yeah! we actually grew one), mowing, playing, etc. but obviously not much writing on the Sher blog.