Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jolly Jenny Jump Up

This post is in honor of my little sister Jenny. Her birthday is on Friday and we used to celebrate together quite often -- usually on the day between our birthdays (I know -- it's a not so subtle hint that my birthday is coming too--so start writing your good wishes to me and get them in the mail!). It's harder to get together for birthdays now and sometimes that makes me sad. Jenny is always fun to celebrate with! Jenny is the spunky one in the family. She has pizazz (except how do you spell that?). She is very talented and is a good person to ask questions of if you are planning a big event and need some help. She's patient too. I used to read out loud to her for hours, insist that we should memorize hymns and no doubt was bossy in other ways too. Here we are looking all beautiful for my older sister's wedding reception. Jenny is a good friend and I miss all of the chatting we used to do. Sometimes life gets busy! She kept me entertained during the months I had to stay in bed before Trisa was born. I loved hearing Jenny and Jeff stories -- especially because it had a happy ending.
This is Jenny in the hospital. It's not fair that she looks so beautiful is it? We were pregnant at the same time four times and somehow I never got a picture of us together with round bellies. This picture is of her fourth child-- Seth, and my fifth -- Jake. I decided while trying to get pictures together for this post that I have never taken enough pictures of Jenny. I'm going to start haunting her at family reunions. Here she is with her husband and her five beautiful children. I really can't say enough good things about a little sister who has been protective of me, kind to me, helpful to me, and a good example to me. I hope that this year's birthday will be a happy one -- even if I'm not there to help her eat her cake!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nice clothes, Mud, and the Haircut from Hades

Tia went to watch Mud volleyball with a friend of hers the other day. They were easily the nicest dressed people there because everyone else planned to play. What do you do when someone asks you to join in the fun -- but you aren't dressed in the right kind of clothes? Jump right in!
After a seconds thought, I approved their decision -- even if I had wished they'd thought of wearing grubbies in the first place. Tia took a shower in her clothes afterwards and then another shower -- umm -- in the more usual way. I think her clothes are going to make it and she had a good time.

Here's Dan. Isn't he cute? His hair was long in the bangs and over the ears and I was just going to trim him up a little. Unfortunately, he's terrified of scissors and clippers. He tries to put his hand up to stop the scissors -- thus making them dangerous. He just throws his head around a bit with the clippers -- thus causing an "oops" to occur that meant he is now a buzzed boy instead of the longer haired boy you might expect. It's still too long in spots and needs to be fixed. He did survive the trauma (and I did too -- barely) but .... He would like YOU to come and fix it up. With his hair buzzed you can now see the gash in his head from landing against the fireplace. This is added to the bruise on his cheek, the scar on his other cheek, and bruises up and down his legs just to prove he's manly and adventuresome. He can obviously still smile so I think he'll make it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cleaning out Critter Haven (Previously known as our Garden)

Monday was our family night. You can imagine the children's delight when they were told that we were cleaning out the garden for our activity. "Hooray" they said -- or maybe "Oh Groan". Fortunately, besides the rather rebellious 6 year old, and the little adventurer, everyone was quite helpful. Now, when I say we cleaned the garden, I mean the space previously used as a garden, or the weed garden, or the weed / stick pile where critters like to congregate. I really tried to find you a before picture -- but I forgot to take one on Monday and I purposely avoided aiming the camera that direction on other occasions. The above trailer is full of the things from the garden and I had gotten rid of quite a pile of things a couple of weeks previously. This is our trash can Tuesday when I finally took the picture. I was a bit distressed that our garbage can, which was emptied on Monday, was three fourths full by the end of Monday because of old hoses that have been moldering in the garden. Where is all of our garbage going now? I'm practicing "creative cramming" but the lid won't shut already.
Here is the "garden" looking more like its old self. In fact, I really don't think it's looked this good since we moved in.
This section next to the house hasn't been weed free for years and years. I've tried but those weeds have really tough roots, even when soaked with water, and weed killer. There were lots of spiders that liked to hide in them waiting to get me. Don't tell Tia or she won't ever go in the garden again. Here's another trailer / tarp picture. Silly me took out the camera and forgot to take the picture until after the tarp was on. I was focused on covering up the pile so it wouldn't blow away in the storm, ruining the perfect lawns of our neighbors.

We didn't actually see any furry critters, but I've heard suspicious noises in the piles in the past and I keep expecting those traps Derek set to catch something. Perhaps they ran away and aren't coming back because Critter Haven no longer exists and they must find a new place to lay down their little furry heads.