Friday, January 23, 2009

Assignment 2: Angels

Confession. On my trip I wrote two poems and not just one. This one needed another stanza which I wrote the other night. Today was a grumpy day for me. I was still bemoaning the loss of my cell phone (which got left at the car show), my regular phones are pathetic and need to be taken back, Jake is sick, etc. In spite of these things, I have had phone calls, notes, and I'm sure happy thoughts sent in my direction that have come from my angelic friends and family members. Thanks for making a grumpy day not so grumpy after all.

There are angels all around us,
Walking in the shoes of men;
Helping us when sorrow’s found us,
Giving us the strength to stand.

There are angels all around us.
Lifting us when we are weak,
Bringing light into our darkness
Helping us when life seems bleak.

There are angels all around us
Following the One who calls
Go and help my wandering lost one,
Lest he stumbles and he falls.

Lift the hands that now are weary.
Lift the failing, feeble knees.
Listen to the cries of others
And their silent, prayer filled pleas.

Be an angel for another
And there will be one for you.
In your greatest hour of darkness,
One will come to see you through.


Marcy said...

I love it!! You have such talent and I'm glad you are so willing to share it~ thanks!!

Megz said...

Great job. Sorry about your cell phone and sick kid and all the other grumpy things. May the angels work on your behalf some more!

T said...

I'm always amazed at your concise and simple way of putting beautiful and deep topics!

Hope the cell phone problems are easily solved!

Happy Mom said...

This was beautiful. Thanks for cheering me up today...I think the smog was getting to me. I'll be praying that the angels bring some happy surprises your way.

LC said...

Leave it to Sher to uplift us with an inspiring poem.
I am thankful too for all those angels in neighbor form and family that help me out.