Monday, April 2, 2012

My Biking Boy and a Pretty Girl

This is Kayli, the "pretty girl" from the title.  I may have failed to mention that she got her braces off on March 13.  She was always beautiful, but now she smiles more.  This is her opening her ice cream bucket full of ice, which also contained an invitation to Prom.

Look!  No training wheels!  Of course, he's already flipped over the handle bars once.  Derek said he was going too slow when he hit the edge of the driveway.  Dan maintains that he hit a rock and that did it.  Either way, he was fine.

Dan likes to go outside and practice.  He proudly showed me that he knows how to stop.  That's an important skill.

Tia was practicing braiding on Kayli.  It's too bad Tia will be off living in an apartment with Trisa on prom day, too far away to be helpful!

Pretty hair.


Michelle said...

When is prom? If it is this weekend I will be in town and can help. Let me know.
Yeah for Dan. Yeah for Kayli.

Megz said...

Kayli didn't seem too excited when Erin and I volunteered to do her hair but maybe she'd trust Michelle's skills more. Or Sister Hughes down the street.....
How did Dan just barely get to two wheels? He seems more daredevil to me!

Sher said...

Prom isn't until the last Saturday in April. Tia's still here for a couple of weeks. And Dan is NOT a daredevil really, he's just brave about talking to people.

stephanie said...

getting braces off really boosts the self confidence.
I hope prom is great!!