Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uncle Doran

Doran and some of his children, and some of his nieces and nephews

I have very few pictures of Doran on the computer.  The one above is from a family reunion in 2008.  I chose it because it is like so many pictures I have of Doran in my mind.  In my mind there are pictures of Doran running birthday parties with lots of nieces and nephews, Doran driving a four wheeler with a big trailer behind it that is loaded with children, Doran giving rides to children on four wheelers or Derek's motorcycle, Doran wrestling children, Doran chatting with children, and Doran laughing with children.  Whenever Doran is around, he seems to spend an incredible amount of energy on the children. 

I have been blessed with incredible brothers-in-law and a great husband, and they all spend a lot of energy on the children, but it is when I was watching Doran once that a quote from Joseph Smith came to mind.  Joseph Smith was considered a great friend to children, and in the Nauvoo Pagaent he was quoted as saying, "When I am with the children, I make all the fun I can for them."  It seems to me that Doran is like that.

I asked my children what they like about Doran and they rolled their eyes and said "he's fun", because they say that about every uncle I ask about.  They meant it even though they rolled their eyes.  They also say he tells funny jokes, and I didn't know that so I'm looking foward to hearing one.  I asked his nephews Tyler and Isaac when they were over what they like about Uncle Doran.  They agreed that Doran is fun, and Tyler said that Doran has great hair, so Doran can feel especially good about his hair today.

Doran is a musician.  He played the cello at Derek's and my wedding reception, and I still remember the Christmas that he got his first guitar.  Derek and I used to spend Christmas at his parents house because Christmas is more fun with children around -- and some of his brothers and sisters were still children.  Doran has an acoustic guitar now that he uses to enhance singing time at family gatherings on occasion.  He can also sing -- in tune! 

Doran went on a mission to Scotland and used to address his letters to our house to Trisa or Tia, who were pretty small still.  He has always been a good uncle, and somewhere I have pictures of him carrying around my girls when they were very little.  Now my girls are all grown up, and Doran mostly carries around his own children, though they're getting a little big to be carried.  Time sure flies!

Doran met Tanya after his mission while they were attending BYU.  They were married, and graduated from college, and made the decision together that Doran would be a seminary teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He spends school days teaching youth the gospel.  He is a gospel scholar, who does his best to teach, and live the gospel that he loves.  Most importantly, he always remembers the importance of family.  He and Tanya have two girls, and four boys.  Doran and Tanya put a lot of miles on their car to visit family and attend family events.  We love it when they come this way because, obviously, things are more fun when they are around.

Happy Birthday Doran!


Saimi said...

Sure hope he has a great day! What ever happened to Tanya and her blog anyway?? I miss her funny posts!

LC said...

True about being so good with the kids! Doran has a great sense of humor! Nice job with the birthday tribute Sher! Happy Birthday to Doran.