Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holidays at our House

For Halloween we carved pumpkins, had a Halloween party with the extended C. family, and Jake and Dan went trick-or-treating.  Jake went with his friend Brennan, and Dan went with his Mom.  Dan was a bit disappointed not to have a friend too, but he loved the candy!
Jake, Connor, Kayli, and Dan carving their pumpkins

The jack-o-lanterns.  Connor's is on the left and is way more awesome than you can tell.  The candle didn't glow properly for the first little while.  Jake's is next, then Dan's and Kayli's (ghosts if you can't see at this angle).

Kayli, Connor, and their Pumpkin pals.

Dan was a bat, NOT Batman.

Jake is a shadow.
Kayli and Connor were not left out.  They each went and spent time with friends and had a fabulous time.

The day before Thanksgiving Derek and Connor put in a new office floor.  I painted the day before, and finished up that morning before they could get to work.  We think it turned out well.
Connor helped all day without complaining.  Derek said he couldn't have put the floor in without him.

Derek and Connor finishing up the last part -- the closet.  It was hard.

The floor and the two greens.  The bright green is only on the window wall.

Dan posing so there is someone cute to look at on the new floor.

The guest room where Quinn and Tonya came to stay the very next day.  We cleaned it up some but they had to sleep by the flooring for the guest room and the master bedroom!
Saturday afternoon at around snack time (3:00p.m. for those who don't know when snack time is "supposed" to be) we decorated the Christmas tree, and today after church we made the rest of the house look festive.  We love Christmas!
Derek by the piles of ornaments that still hadn't been put on the tree.  We have a lot of ornaments, but not quite enough, because Dan doesn't have as many as everyone else!

This was taken in a hurry so I could get Kayli before she decided to hide her pretty face!
It sure is odd to have all of these festivities without our Trisa and Tia here!  We miss them all of the time.  That being said, we have had happy holidays so far, and are hoping they will make Christmas the best of all by being here with us.


LC said...

Look at all the fun stuff going on at your house! Great pictures.

Saimi said...

Carving pumpkins and decorating for Christmas is on my top favorite lists of things to do! You pumpkins look great as does your tree!!! Love the costumes, a shadow? What a GREAT idea!!

cold cocoa said...

Looks fun! I miss Halloween already.

Anna said...

So fun Sherie! I love the color of the walls in your office. They make me think of spring. I also think Dan made a terrific bat. I can't believe how much your kids are growing up!

Michelle said...

How nice that the new flooring can be a bedside table as well. Traditions are great and we sure are grateful we get to see Tia everytime we go to Wal-mart. She sure makes ones' day brighter.