Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dan's Concussion Therapy

Recovering from a concussion is boring.  I don't know what Dan would be doing to pass the time without Chewy (Dan's oldest sister's dog).  He came to visit this week with Trisa and Travis.  Dan has spent time throwing a ball for him, petting him, and squirting him with water (so that he can stay cool). Chewy is a very snuggly dog, and Dan has spent some time snuggling with Chewy too.  

Chewy sitting on Dan's lap.

We don't have any pets, and have been informed several times that people with asthma shouldn't get any (not that we were going to), but when you have a concussion, a nice, friendly dog can be just the thing you need!

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Mike said...

Dogs and cats are sometimes better company than humans.Kendra,s cat Jack and I have some very good conversations in the morning that usually involves him getting water, food or both.I can,t wait till the day that I get to meet Dan as I,m sure once we get started you won,t be able to get us to be quiet. Keep hangin in there Dan and get better.Love ya Cuz.