Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Dan graduated from Kindergarten on Friday the 18th.  He spent a lot of his time making sure I was watching him, and he spent a lot of time doing awesome moves.  I wish I had been closer to the front so I could have seen them better.    Dan is rather proud that he is now a first grader.  His pictures will be worth more than any words I can say.

I took this picture because Dan was watching to make sure I did. 

Dan after graduation.

Dan Thomas


Diana said...

I love his graduation pic! What a cutie.

Saimi said...

First off, I love your new header! What a great picture of you and your hubby!!

But that Dan....Have I mentioned that your boy is something else! I love that kid!! His graduation picture is precious!!

Congratulations mom!

Marcy said...

YAY~ Congrats to Dan! I'm glad you were watching his awesome moves!!