Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being Super Duper

Dan and Noelle
Dan likes to play a game that he made up called Super Duper Dan.  He even knows, in his mind, exactly what his Super Duper Dan Suit looks like.  He's described it to me before.  I'm not sure what the game entails except a lot of imagination. The other day his cousin Noelle came over to play.  After she went home I asked Dan what they did.  He said, "We played Super Duper Dan, but we added a character.  Super Duper Noelle!"

This morning, I was remembering this and it made me smile.  Wouldn't it be nice to just decide to be really super!  I sent Derek a text informing him that I was playing Super Duper Sherie this morning and that he could play at work.  He could be Super Duper Derek.  This was a good thing to think of on a day when I was pondering how to go about choosing to be happy more often.

Of course, Dan gets a little mad if Derek calls him Super Duper Dan too much.  I guess nobody wants to be Super Duper all of the time.  Too much pressure!  All the same, I tried to choose to be happy today, and to have one of my super powers be getting rid of negative thoughts.  So far it's worked pretty well -- but I haven't gotten to the super tired part of the day when it's extra hard to choose to be Super Duper and not Super Grumpy!  Here's hoping my super powers don't fail me!

*Pictures taken today by Jake.  I like how Dan is always performing for the camera and Noelle is looking at Dan with an expression I can't quite define.

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Mike said...

Super Duper Dan sounds like a new comic in the future.