Monday, November 2, 2015

The Bat Cave

I have mostly boys at home now, and they are all fans of super heroes, so I came up with an idea for a Family Home Evening that revolved around the Bat Cave (Where Batman keeps all of his cool equipment and toys).  The FHE didn't go quite like I hoped, but I still liked the idea.  We tried to compare our home to the Bat Cave.  The boys were very literal though, and we are missing Alfred in our Bat Cave, and real bats, and the batmobile, etc.  Still, the Bat Cave is a place of safety, where Batman goes to be rejuvenated, and where he does research, and invents things, so that he can go out and help other people, and our home isn't so different from that.  We may even bring people in to the Bat Cave on occasion -- probably more often than Batman.  So, for fun, I decided to decorate our porch / and door for Halloween. I only took pictures of the door.
This is coming in to the house.  There is a Batman symbol welcome mat too.

This is going out of the house.
My favorite thing about having the door decorated this way is that, occasionally, as the boys are leaving they shout "To the Rescue!" Dan told me the other day, "I forgot to say "To the Rescue" when I left today!  He sounded so disappointed.  The Bat Cave door will likely turn into a Thankful Turkey door today and so I thought I'd better get a picture to remember it by!

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