Thursday, May 12, 2016

Derek and Me: 28 Years of Awesomeness

28 Years ago yesterday (May 11), Derek and I were enjoying a beautiful, sunny wedding day.  One week ago today, on May 5th, it was Derek's 50th birthday. We have good reasons to celebrate in May!

I think every year I get to spend with Derek is full of awesomeness.  I am extremely thankful to be married to someone who is always inclined to think well of me, and who has a gift for helping me, and our kids, to smile.

On Derek's birthday we headed off to St. George for an anniversary trip.  Here are the pictures.
Derek in Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon

With a little resting and snack eating I made it to the end of the Taylor Creek trail in Kolob Canyon.  Yay!

I insisted we try a selfie.  This was the best out of three -- I looked more dorky in the other ones.

This is the end of the Taylor Creek hike in Kolob Canyon.  The picture is pretty, but everything is more impressive in person.

On the way back down the Taylor creek trail I had to have a picture of the tree that was growing right on top of a rock (yes the red thing is a rock and not red dirt).

This was the way they built a part of the trail so it wouldn't get washed out (I think).  I hadn't ever seen a section of trail like it and so I wanted a picture.

This was the next day, in Zion Canyon.  This is the upper Emerald Pools (I think). 

I had to try to get at least one picture of the really beautiful scenery that we enjoyed while at Zion National Park.
Derek and I also spent some time on our trip visiting family, or having them do all of the work by visiting us and bringing us food (thanks Quinn and Tonya).  It was fun to see how Jenny and Jeff's new house was coming along, and to spend time with my parents visiting and driving around.  We saw my Fuller Grandparent's old house, and the LaVerkin cemetery -- the "final resting place" of a lot of my relatives.

I'll put the pictures of Derek's belated birthday celebration on a different blog for you to enjoy :-)


Mike said...

First of all Happy Anniversary to y,all.Second Derek welcome to the 50 club where health issues start.I remember Zion National Park it,s such a beautiful place.You take care Cuz!

Saimi said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful place, it looks like a movie backdrop man oh man!! Happy Birthday to your Derek, yep he's now officially in the 50's club - if he keeps hiking and enjoying nature hopefully he won't have any health issues. Looking forward to his birthday post!