Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Desk Project

Our old desk was rather old and ugly and I really wanted a new one.  On a seemingly unrelated note, we have a lot of left over laminate flooring that I don't know what to do with.  So, one day when I was looking online, I found an idea to use the left over flooring as a desk top.  Derek was game to help me, and this is what we ended up with.  I like it LOTS better than the old one!

The two cabinets are stock base cabinets from the Home Depot with the bottom cut off.  The top is a piece of particle board with left over laminate from the guest room locked together and glued on. Trim is nailed around the top to finish it, and Derek made the part to hang the keyboard. Derek could have finished this faster by himself, but I wanted to help so we worked together.  I got to use the chalk line, the circular saw, the glue, and the nail gun -- plus a few other things.  Yay for a new desk and thanks to Derek for helping me with it.

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