Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Reader,

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl with not so long or flowing hair that went to a far off kingdom on a quest. She travelled with the handsome prince on a loud, cold, slightly smelly but exceedingly fast steed across the ocean to a place where not many people speak her language. She boarded a ship of the floating variety (we should hope so!) and went sailing on many waters. She walked around great cities, dined on delicously prepared food, slept in a bed she didn't have to make, and talked to many people along the way.

What quest could take her so far away? What is she hoping to find?

Her brain. It seems that it has been misplaced and she can't remember little things like -- Where are her son's shoes? Which Sunday School lesson was she reading? Which pocket were those keys in? and Was that really all she needed at the store or will she have to go back tomorrow? It would be nice to call her children by the right name the first time and to remember what they said to her five minutes ago.

Wish her well. Never fear. She'll ride her trusty steed back to the States in time to hear the Election results -- at which point -- with her in tact brain she will somehow be able to explain why THAT person got elected. Okay, maybe not. But hopefully she'll at least remember to call her children by their names and she'll walk to those missing shoes without hesitation.

Ta Ta until next time, when pictures of the quest can be posted.


T said...

I'm thinking the smarter move might be to stay gone until the election hub-bub has had a chance to die down... of course, you'd miss your kids :)

Hope you're having a grand time!!

LC said...

Fun post--I can relate to the forgetfulness for sure--but unfortunately, not the quest....sooooo jealous but I want to see pics of that blue sea anyway!
Bon Voyage!

Happy Mom said...

Loved the post! Sounds like a fun time is being had. When you find the shoes, let me know if my daughter's scriptuers are with them! And if you find your brain, don't damage it by thinking about the election.

Megz said...

Where's the part where the wicked sis-in-law is so jealous she sneaks in the suitcase and goes with you? What? Your suitcases don't come in XXL?