Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It

2 names you go by: Sher and Sherie
2 things I'm wearing right now: my birthday "diamond" earrings from a friend (thanks Shan) and a new bright orange shirt.
2 of my favorite things: my family and my friends (except are people things?) Maybe my cedar chest and my piano would be the things.
2 things I want very badly at the moment: Food (preferably yummy and cooked by someone else) and a maid (preferably friendly)
2 favorite pets you have/had: Sunny (my parakeet) and Monster (my sister's cat)
2 things you did last night: Colored a picture of a witch, Sang a couple of hymns (those go together, right?)
2 things you ate today: cereal and pumpkin bread
Last 2 people you talked to: Trisa and Kayli or Tia
2 things you are planning on doing today: go to the dentist and eat dinner
2 longest trips taken in the last 5 years: Baltic Cruise (Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, ?) and a Caribbean Cruise (Jamaica, Haiti, other warm places) -- Derek's work is great but my memory is a little slow!
2 favorite holidays: Christmas and Easter
2 favorite beverages: Orange juice and lemonade


T said...

I think you've got everyone else beat for the best vacations at least :)

Here's hoping the dentist visit was as painless as possible - if that's possible... Po was thrilled today when we had to cancel his appt for lack of car. (Q's is having something done)

cold cocoa said...

Definitely taken the best vacations!
Way to go. I liked your last post about angels too but it was hard to answer, just like Diana's email sent to family to think of situations...

Anyway, I hope the picture of the witch is taped on your door. Sometimes it is nice to just take the time to color and relax.

Megz said...

I can't do this tag because of the vacation thing...can't compete with anyone who actually leaves Utah.
Did you sing the hymns while coloring the witch? Just curious.

Sher said...

It was FHE. Singing the hymns was part of the lesson, coloring was the activity at the end.

LC said...

Would your maid be the kind that cooks, cleans, runs errands, and pays the bills, cause I want one of those too--more time for coloring with kids.

Sher said...

I think a maid like Alice on the Brady Bunch would be nice.