Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The invasion of the THINGS!

As I was walking through my house this afternoon, I got the feeling that the tool above would be the most useful tool when my house has been invaded by THINGS. These THINGS come crawling out of all kinds of corners of the house and they even come in the doors -- in shopping bags! I could just rake all of the THINGS into a pile and then decide whether to
1. Chuck the whole pile of THINGS
2. Burn the pile of THINGS
3. Sort the pile and leave individual piles of THINGS in bedrooms
4. Pick all of my THINGS out of the pile and give away the rest.
5. Leave the pile of THINGS for a decoration.
6. Try to shove the pile of THINGS under the couch for dealing with later.
I'm going to have to design a handy plastic, no stratchy up the floors THINGS rake for indoor cleaning. Maybe it will be a big hit. I'll just have Walmart leave them in the middle of an isle where everyone walks and people are bound to compulsively put them in their cart. After all, we all know that the best way to solve the THING problem is to buy another tool or organizing gadget right? How do you manage the invasion of THINGS that come creeping out of closets and backpacks and grocery carts and do you ever get tired of all of those THINGS?


LC said...

Good one!
Our girls room seems especially prone the invasion of THINGS. We don't really think we have that much stuff until it is all laid out before us on the floor--or until you have to move.
I think a rake would be handy or a vacuum thingy that would suck up the stuff (minus spare change) and convoy it instantly to D.I.

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like you need me to come and toss a whole bunch of stuff in the garbage or DI pile? I am big on wall organizing. Build a big magnet board on your kitchen wall/corner to put all of the random papers on. As for things, file them? If they can't be filed, they're garbage. Plus lots of manuals are online now so we can toss all those.

T said...

a lot of my "things" end up in baskets... which occasionally get gone through, but 90% of it is by then classified as "trash"... I feel guilty when some of the "things" are precious school art projects, but I'm getting over it!

Happy Mom said...

I take pictures of those "art" things that I have so many of. That way I can keep the picture and dispose of the art. My most annoying floor "things" are shoes or pieces of clothing that are on my floor instead of in shoes baskets, laundry baskets or dressers.

Megz said...

That's why we have Thing Places. Like the top of the piano and the kitchen table. Because that seems to be where all Things go in our house. Then people get upset when food gets spilled on their Things and I sadly nod my head and say, "That's what you get for you leaving your Things on the table." And we cry a lot then still leave our Things there and that's just how it is. I'm all for the magic vacuum that would take it all away.

Frey family said...

You have THINGS too? I'm a pack rat, and even with all of our moves I still have plenty of THINGS!!
Love the rake idea, but I agree-what do you do with it after you rake it?

Tina said...

For the most part, I'm an excellent Thing tosser. I have to watch for children,however. I have a couple who want to keep everything just in case it will come in handy in their Contraption building.
There are two Things I have a hard time throwing out: Books (even if we haven't opened them in the last decade) and wires (I have two boxes full in the garage. They must go to something!)