Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hair Show and Happy Things

Tia's camera broke before she even got to the airport so I had to get one off the computer.  She may not like this one -- but Tia's a good sport and I have no doubt I'll be forgiven.
I think I mentioned that my daughter Tia went to a hair show in California.  A few people expressed interest in what exactly a hair show is -- since it sounds like hair will be parading across the stage displaying talents.  It turns out that a hair show is pretty much a trade show for cosmetologists.  There are many, many booths where people try to sell you their fabulous product.  You could buy a new wonder shampoo, or fabulous makeup, or gels, or hair cutting tools, or other random things.  Tia said that they were really good deals -- but she only bought makeup and something else (shoot -- I forgot -- bad mom!).  They did have some famous people there.  One named Tabitha -- but none of us were saavy enough to know who she is or what makes her famous, and the guy from What Not to Wear (I don't watch it and so I don't know who he is either).  

There are demonstrations on hair cutting techniques and other stuff cosmetologists and a few other people might be interested in.  Tia had a fabulous time.  She enjoyed the beautiful California weather and the trip to Disneyland.

Other happy things:
*My boys have recovered from their long bouts with whatever miserable cold / fever thing they had.
*Connor dealt beautifully with going back to school after missing more than a week and has been handling his piles of homework well too.
*We got to go to my nieces baptism.  My sister-in-law's Mom made us all feel like we were the most wonderful people in the world, and Brynn's baptism went well, and all of us had a really good time together.
*I got great footage of my son Connor and my nephew Porter dancing.  Poe was being Poe-lina at the time.  Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to post some of the fun dancing videos and the pretty pictures of Brynn and cousins. (New camera -- new challenges!)
*Derek and my kids are totally awesome.
*Dan loves Rosie and saved her from an early death by remembering we hadn't watered her.  She's looking a little feeble though so cross your fingers.  I left her by the sink this time -- she's more likely to be remembered.
*Angela watched Dan so I could go to breakfast with a friend.  It was fun even though I goofed and ate breakfast before I left.  I wasn't really going for the food and the visit was great.  So was the second breakfast (Hey -- if hobbits, and Dan can do it ...) 
*Shannon called.  That's always nice.
*The family "super bowl" dinner without the game was fun.  Loud.  But fun.
*Dan gave the home evening lesson and was very enthusiastic at hide and seek.  He's getting good.


Saimi said...

Hey my hairdresser went to a shin dig in CA it was in Palm Springs, is that the same one your daughter went to??

He had a blast and said he didn't want to come home. I would have been fine with that as long as he was back by March..You know, for my next appointment!

Tonya said...

Commenting from my nook. Too big a pain to be witty. I will come back later

Happy Mom said...

Ha ha. Second breakfasts. Don't forget elevensies. I have hobbits at my house too. It's not such a bad thing. Love your list of happy things. Visiting with you has put me in a happy outlook.

LC said...

My mom is always right: You guys are the most wonderful people in the world.
Thanks for coming and glad everyone is healthy again.

Michelle said...

Glad Tia had a great time and I hope she got out of it what she needed. Great blessing, too. Could the whole day be a meal? That's what we have at our house.