Monday, August 29, 2011

Dan Thomas -- My Sweet Boy

Dan has been my sweet boy since he was born.  Sometimes Derek asks why I call him that, but most of the time he knows.  I think Dan was thankful for me three times in one prayer the other day.  He forgot most of the other things he should be thankful for but he remembered me!  Today he is five.  Here are pictures of his big day so far.
Opening presents birthday morning

Dan's first day of Kindergarten -- his 5th birthday.

Iron Man Dan

Dan and Jake on Dan's first day of school.

Robot Cake -- Dan didn't want him smiling.

I'm glad he changed from requesting a "Spy Dog Cake", to requesting a Robot Cake!

Dan's Wiggle Bike
He got a little confused this morning and thought his birthday was already over because he was done opening presents.  I assured him it was his birthday all day.  When he got home from school he told me "My teacher is not the boss of me because today is my birthday and I can do whatever I want!"  I hope he didn't tell her that!  He came home with a crown on and he said his class sang to him.  He asked if Kindergarten was long for me when I was little.  I said no, was it long for him?  He said no.  He liked Kindergarten and he met some new friends, but he forgot their names.

Now he's playing the Wii which is what he told me he would do if there were no Dads and he could do whatever he wanted.  It's time to change activities though and I hope he will still be happy on his happy day after I tell him that there are Dads (and Moms) and so he can't play the Wii forever like he thinks he wants to.  Happy birthday to my fun, loving, dramatic, talented and funny sweet boy.


stephanie said...

happy birthday Dan! Birthday boy and new school boy all on the same day. that is a big day.

LC said...

Happy Birthday Dan!
Looks like he'll have lots of fun on his wiggle car. That robot cake is something awesome!

Princess E'blouissant said...

That is super awesome! Have fun being five Dan!

Anna said...

Boy that five years has gone by quickly for me. These sweet boys just grow up too soon. I love the robot cake!