Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day of the New School Year

Taken as a whole, the first day of school was good and happy.

Trisa, whose picture I couldn't take since she's away at college, seemed to enjoy her first day of classes and had a couple of fun stories to tell me about.  She liked todays class too.

Tia, whose picture I just didn't think to take didn't go on Monday but did go today and will go through Saturday like she has the rest of the summer.  We did figure out today that if she could get the rest of her stamps done (she gets stamps for the things she does) she should be able to finish by about Thanksgiving.  So, anyone close by please go and get your hair cut, or nails done, or eyebrows waxed, or a pedicure, or something.  She is looking forward to being finished with cosmetology school.

Kayli had her first day of high school.  It was a good day with people she knew in every class.  She didn't even have to ride the bus since her friend's brother gave them a ride.  Kayli said that she freaked out a bit when she first walked in, but it turned out well and you can see that she looked lovely.
Connor braved the bus and the junior high with a good attitude, and other than some classes that he thought were boring, seemed to have a good day.  Today they changed a couple of his classes around, but that gave him a friend in Science and so he is happy about the change.  Apparently, in a windy hallway Connor's shirt was blowing and so he took the opportunity to walk "like a model".  That would have been fun to see.
 Jake's day started out well.  He was excited to try school lunch this year and the first day's menu item was pizza.  He got ready without complaint and looked great.  He did wear a jacket "just in case" and then was frying hot when he came home.  Unfortunately, the rest of his day was a bit hard for him.  During registration we were given the name of his teacher, who we visited during the "back to school" event.  I filled out papers, Jake seemed pleased.  On the day school started I went and talked to that teacher and arranged to help in the class.  I took Jake's picture and left.
Trey, Nathan, Jake, Brennan, McKay
Some time after I left Jake was told he was in the wrong class and he needed to go find a different teacher (they gave him the name).  He went.  The teacher, who is reportedly a very good teacher, also happened to be loud.  Jake, who doesn't like to go into things unprepared, thought she was scarey and mean.  When he got home I could tell he was upset and pretty soon he told Kayli what happened and then he sat on my lap and cried and cried.  I was a bit angry.  I do realize that it was just a mistake, but I do not really like mistakes that affect my children in a negative way.  I called the secretary, who talked to the principal, who eventually got on the phone with me, apologized, and told me Jake could go back to the original teacher.  She said that she is a new principal, and this kind of thing could happen for the next couple of years.  I sure hope she wasn't thinking clearly when she said that!  She said, "look on the bright side, Jake seems to have handled this okay",  and I suppose he did.  Today he went back to the original class and was a happy boy when he got home -- which made me a happy Mom.

I don't have a picture of Dan because his first day is on his birthday on Monday.  He did have Kindergarten assessment.  I sat and wrote down the funny things he said.

Dan:  "I can breathe!"
Teacher:  "You can read?"
Dan:  "No.  I can breathe, but not in water.  In the hot tub I sometimes fall in the water"  I think he proceded to demonstrate and she probably thinks we have a hot tub now since he didn't mention it's the hot tub he gets in maybe once a year at his Aunt Jenny's house.

Teacher:  Can you tell me the first sound in snake?
Dan:  No thanks.  I need a drink. (And then he went to get one).

He did really well at a lot of the test but I thought it was telling when he said "I forgot what the t.v. said about that."  He got most of his great knowledge from the television.  I love leap frog videos.  They make me look like a great Mom.  Dan was angry that we had to leave after his test.  He wanted to stay there and play.  A little school shopping cheered him up a bit.  What's not to like about new clothes and a new Toy Story backpack?


stephanie said...

I am pretty sure being a kindergarten teacher could have some very funny moments. Trey's assessment test was very enjoyable for me too.

Megz said...

That stinks about Jake's mixup. But they all looked great on the big day.

Anna said...

Dan so cracks me up!! And makes me smile. I loved that he just marched off to go get his drink. And poor Jake! That should never happen. I'm glad it all worked out in the long run, although that principal seems to have a lot to learn about diplomacy. "Hey. Sorry your child was yanked out of the class he expected, spent the day with someone intimidating, and had to go find that teacher by himself. He'll get over it." Pah. My mother grizzly bear hackles got all ruffled on Jake's behalf.

LC said...

Nice first-day photos!
Dan sure makes regular life things more fun and interesting with his comments.

Linda said...

Jake's story makes me uptight. I'm glad it worked out in the end. Good luck to the older girls. They are so awesome. I liked the "model" image, and Dan always makes me smile. I hope his Kindergarten teacher writes down some of the cute things you know he's going to say. It's almost September...we'll have to get together and celebrate birthdays on time this year! Good luck to them all.