Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012, Beginning With a BANG!

Okay, so there was no literal BANG -- except the fireworks at 10:30ish on New Years Eve that we could hear outside.  New Years Day began fairly early since church now starts at 9:00 a.m.  I was up at 7 to get ready.

This is what I was wearing when I got up.  Can anyone name that book / movie?
I went to church early with Connor.  He needed to set up chairs and I needed to decide how to make a puppet theater out of music stands.  I made it to the chapel just in time to take my seat on the stand with the rest of the family.  Within a few minutes Dan was speaking, and then Jake was thinking about how much he didn't want to speak, and so we skipped to Connor, and then Kayli (who both did fabulous) and then to me.  Then we all sang a hymn, thankfully the rest of the congregation was singing too.  Then Derek spoke.

After people kindly came and told us how great we did, we headed to the primary room where Derek and Connor helped me do a puppet show.  The Princess was practicing choosing the right.  She did great except when Oscar the Grouch was making fun of Burt.  Oscar said that Burt had a pointy head, and a unibrow, and I can't remember what else.  Princess may have pointed out that Oscar had a unibrow too.

After the puppet shows I was fairly exhausted and, after lunch I fell asleep.  I probably would have slept until dinner had Dan not come to tell me he thought it was almost time for dinner.  I believed him until I looked at the clock.  Then we had snack.  Still, I had a pretty good nap.  The rest of our new years BANG! was provided by a good family dinner at the Homestead (which is Derek's parent's house) in honor of Auntie Megan's birthday.  Good food, and good company.

I followed up that day with a whole day wearing pajamas.  I was an "Obstinate, headstrong girl!" all day and only worked in the morning taking down decorations and trying out my new mop.  Thankfully Tia didn't follow through with her threat to burn the Christmas tree so we can use it again right before the next new year which will be here BANG! before you know it.


Happy Mom said...

Great post! Fun to use your puppets for sharing time!

BrianF$ said...

Pride and Prejudice! Brian in for the win!

Megz said...

I wasn't for sure on the quote, but was leaning towards a Jane Austin-ish one.
You definitely needed a nap on Sunday. The best part of days like that is when they're all said and done and you feel like a winner for doing it all.