Monday, January 13, 2014

Making Everything All Better

One morning not too terribly long ago, I woke up feeling sorry for myself.  I was sitting out by the fireplace having a pity party.  Why?  I had been thinking about all of the people I know who have really hard problems and challenges.  Naturally, I want to make everything all better, and naturally, I can't.  I know people who have custody battles, addictions, marriage troubles, and health problems.  I know people who are lonely, and angry, and bitter.  As I sat on the fireplace, I thought that maybe, since I can't make everything all better, it would be nice if I was blissfully unaware of anyone's struggles.

Just as quickly as I thought, "It might be nice to be blissfully unaware", the thought came, "Don't you want to be like Jesus?"  Well, I do.  I do want to be like Jesus.  If He had come, and been "blissfully unaware" of the challenges of people around Him, and of the challenges I would have, He would not have been able to help any of us.  While it is true that I cannot make everything all better, I might be able to make something a little better.  Heavenly Father and Jesus can make things better for sure, so, if I know about someone's challenges, I can at least pray for them.  Prayer does work.  It will help.  If I know about someone's challenges, maybe I can love them better, and love helps too.

Thinking about Jesus gave me perspective, and perspective cured the pity party.

*Picture by David Bowman

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