Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Happy Day With the Truck

 So our beautiful green money pit of a truck was in getting fixed yesterday, and having its inspection and emissions testing done.  After I paid them lots of money for their work, they informed me that the truck hadn't passed emissions because the battery was too new -- or at least hadn't had enough highway miles. So, instead of taking my lovely van to Provo today, I took the truck.  I was wearing a nice spring skirt because I was heading to the temple first.  This is a knee length skirt, and truck is kind of tall.  So, I worked really hard to get in and out of the truck as modestly as possible.

After the temple, and after some more painful than usual allergy shots, and after going to the mall to try to pick Kayli an Easter dress by myself, I headed to the Home Depot.  I chuckled as I walked in the store, feeling like I was a little overdressed for the errand at hand.  I was looking for something to protect my strawberries from the birds.  They ate every single one last year!  While I was there I thought I'd buy some bags of dirt, and of course the biggest ones are the most cost effective.  So, I tried really hard to wrestle those big bags of dirt onto the bottom of my cart without flashing anyone, and then to put a bigger one in the top.  Whew!  The mesh for protecting the strawberries was almost as light as a feather!

After buying all of these things, and some sunflower seeds so that I can grow giant sunflowers for the birds to snack on instead of my strawberries, I headed out to the truck wondering just how I thought I was going to get those bags of dirt into the truck bed.  The truck isn't exactly short, and those bags of dirt are heavy!  I laughed again as I climbed up on the bumper to open the tailgate, because that's the only way I can get it open.  The first bag wasn't so bad.  It was in the top of the cart and slid across pretty well.  As I tried to heft the next one I see a man jogging over and he yells, "What do you think you are doing?", just as I finish shoving the second bag in.  He said, "Well, let me at least get the last bag.  No wonder my wife comes home complaining of a hurt back!"  (That made me chuckle) Then I thanked him, he waved and was gone.

Next I dropped the truck off to be retested and walked to the library.  Apparently lots of people have seen me walking around town on all of my truck errands this week.  My friend's daughter Juliann poked her head out of her workplace to say hello since she had seen me walking three times this week -- and this was the second time in half an hour!  I thought that was nice.  Luckily the weather has been great, and the truck did finally pass emissions.  After all of that I also went to the school, and the post office, but I had traded my skirt for shorts, so there wasn't so much drama getting in and out!

That was my happy day with the truck!


Marcy said...

This made me laugh!

Saimi said...

Such a funny post Sher! I was envisioning you climbing in and out of the truck in your darling blue skirt and heaving those bags of soil - what a busy day, and how nice was that man to help you - I like to see there are still gentlemen out there willing to help.
I'm sure your daughter appreciated you shopping for her Easter dress - there are so many out right now I bet it was fun!

thanks for visiting my blog - I've been a slow blogger these days so I appreciate your comments and sticking around.