Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Falls

Derek, Tia and Kayli.  We are standing at an overlook where we could see a little of Virginia, but it was really foggy :-)

Derek, Sherie, Kayli

Derek, Sherie, Tia

Sherie, Derek, Tia, Kayli

Derek and Sherie at Cumberland Falls

Derek and I hiking around Cumberland Gap

Tia, Derek, Kayli at Cumberland Gap National Park

Sherie, Derek, Tia, Kayli (front and I love her face!)

I'm not the selfie queen but this turned out better than usual.



Cumberland Falls State Park

Cumberland Falls.  It was hard to get a picture because when you looked at the falls you were looking toward the sun a bit.

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Mike said...

One of my most favorite of places is Cumberland Falls. Not too far from there was Tombstone Junction which has been shut down since the 80,s.I remember going to both places a lot when we lived in Corbin.There,s nothin like eatin KFC at the falls for a picnic mmmmmm boy!Then gettin to ride the train later at Tombstone. Wish I could go back in time!