Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why THAT Goal?

I may have mentioned before that I hate running.  I have thought so for quite a number of years, and it seems to have been cemented in my mind since 9th grade track when I "ran" the half mile, and only placed if there were only three runners.  I barely could keep going for two laps, and I was miserable the whole time.  Then recently I found out that a friend of mine was starting to run, and had even managed to run a mile faster than ever.  My very small, but still existent, competitive side thought, "If she can do it -- so can I!"  So, I made a goal.  I would learn to run a mile.

I found a plan online.  It was supposed to help me learn to run a mile in four weeks -- running three days a week and cross training three days a week.  It did say that if you had troubles with one of the weeks, you should repeat that week before going on.  Off I went.  Week one was a breeze.  Run 1/4 of the track, walk 3/4 four times.  Week two was fine.  Run 1/2 track, walk 1/2 track for a mile.  I've actually lost track of where I became stuck, but more than once I ended up bawling because I just couldn't make it as far as I was "supposed" to.  I panic when I get too tired, and then my breathing becomes worse, and I can no longer convince myself it's possible to keep going.  With time I even discovered that I had to listen to fairly relaxing music to keep me calm as I ran.

After 7 weeks of consistent working I had still not run a mile.  I could torture my way through 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 track and run 3/4 track for the next two laps, but not more.  I tried.  I got a little farther, injured myself a bit, and started dreading running.  I kept at it, but with a different plan.  I would run intervals.  It turns out I kind of enjoy that.  I'm fine to run as long as I know I'll get to walk a little sometimes.  So, finally on Monday I decided that I would run a mile -- but with a little walking every lap.  There is more than one way to run a mile!  Maybe one day I will actually manage to run a mile without ever walking, or maybe not, but I do not regret trying.  It's hard to learn what we can do if we never try!


Mike said...

Gimme 3 steps cause that's how far I can run.

Happy Mom said...

I can walk a long ways, but I can only run a spurt here and there. I don't love it. Even a little bit. So I'm with you! We should be power walkers, possibly!

Marcy said...

Good for you!! I hate running too, but gave it a try. It took me more like 6 months before I could go any great distance. I still don't like it and now it's too hot to run. I'll probably have to start over when I run again in the fall. Oh well, it's the trying that's important.

LC said...

I went running last week and I felt like a bowling ball with legs. It was depressing! Your run/walk sounds right up my alley. Way to go!