Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How To Turn Your World Right Side Up

Like most people, I have days, weeks, or even months when things don't seem to go my way.  Sometimes I feel like I put my foot in my mouth every other minute, or I get headaches or shoulder aches.  Perhaps something I really want to have happen just doesn't, or people I love are struggling and I don't know how to help.  There are even times when I have had my world turned upside down by frustration or anger.  There are so many reasons our worlds can tip over that I can't count them.  However, I have been surprised to find that, no matter how the problems vary, the answer is often the same.  The answer is gratitude.  Gratitude doesn't always right my world 100 percent, but it always starts it tilting in the right direction.

This may seem too simplistic, but it really is extremely helpful for me to remember what I do have instead of counting what I don't.  It's nice to be thankful for the times I didn't stick my foot in my mouth, and the times that I do feel good.  I am thankful for modern medicine, and people who help me lift my loads, whatever they may be.  I am thankful that if I don't know what to do to help someone I can pray, and get inspiration, or at least leave the problem with Heavenly Father who knows better!  What a blessing! 

Sometimes my world has felt upside down and I have not known why.  On these occasions I go to the temple and find that, when praying for help, it is usually the gift of gratitude that I am given and it is such a generous and helpful gift!  I come away remembering that I am loved, and blessed.  Gratitude always makes my problems seem a lot smaller.

There are days when I want to feel grateful, but I struggle.  I find myself giving thankful prayers like this:  "Thanks for the kids, but I wish they would clean up more.  Thanks for the food, but I wish someone else would make it.  Thanks for the plants, but I wish the weeds wouldn't grow."  It becomes a little humorous in a tragic kind of way.  I think feeling grateful is a gift from heaven, and when we don't feel grateful we can ask for that gift, and then try our best to be thankful even if it is not given to us right away.  One thing I know for sure -- being grateful, or even trying to be grateful, will not make things worse.  It is very likely to turn your world right side up!

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