Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting Rid of the Scary Zombie

*This was written a few months ago and I just never posted it
**Also imagine me as a scary zombie.  I don't take pictures of myself when I feel like that!

A couple of times this week I have gone to bed early.  Maybe as much as two hours earlier than usual.  I was done with the day -- or "done in".  Derek was home, and he could take care of things, and I was really glad.

When Tia was a new baby she was lousy at sleeping.  I walked around in a constant fog of exhaustion -- at least that's how I remember it.  Luckily she made up for this behavior by becoming the most excellent napper the world has ever seen.  Before Kayli was born I lived in dread of becoming, once again, a person living in a tired, zombie like state.  Then a miracle happened.  Kayli was born and she was a most excellent sleeper from the very beginning.  She was never a world class napper like Tia, taking two two hour naps a day, but she was really very good at sleeping.

This mini story is just to point out the rather obvious fact that sleep can make a huge difference!  When I'm well rested I am a lot less likely to be scary.  I don't snap at people, cry over things, and have pity parties nearly as often if I've had adequate sleep. I really enjoy not feeling zombie like, though I have learned that it is a survivable state of being.  It is also helpful for me to remember, when I go getting all grumpy, that the solution to not acting like a scary zombie might be sleep!

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Mike said...

I never really pictured you as a zombie CUZ.I know where your coming from,I get zombied out every now and then.