Friday, March 14, 2014

Angels are Smiling

Image from Google Images.  I tried to discover the name of the artist, but failed.

Sometimes I think that you fly like an angel
Showing up just when I've needed a friend
Sharing your love and your great gift of kindness
Helping my day have a happier end

Some days have sunshine, children, and good times
Joy multiplies with a friend there to share
Laughter, and warmth, and the peace of a person
That I know as someone who really does care

Storms come with dark clouds and lost expectations
Pain that can burrow down into your heart
Sorrow that pulls the tears from inside you
A heavy load lifted when a friend carries part

Then there are days that seem to last forever
Or days that fly past at the great speed of light
Days where the ups and the downs come together
With the help of my friend, these days turn out right


Angels are smiling, for you, my friend.
They will stand by you each day till the end.
They'll hold you up if your knees start to falter,
For in you they see our Savior's good friend.

This is a song that I wrote for my friend Shannon for Christmas.  I just got around to making an imperfect recording.  I tried for a perfect one, but I only tried twice!  It's a long song when you're singing to the camera.  You can check out my frustrated look at the end when I miss the last note on the guitar.  Just click on Angels . 

While I wrote this song for Shannon, it applies to all of my angel friends.  I am very blessed.

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