Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rockin' at the Roller Derby

Shellie, Sherie, Derek, Connor, and Clayton.  Picture by Howard

A couple of weeks ago Derek and I took Connor, and went with some friends to see their daughter participate in a roller derby.  This is something we never would have even known existed in our little Utah community if it wasn't for this friend's daughter, who we'll just call Wham Bam, since that's what she goes by at the derby.

On the way there we learned about "jammers" and "blockers" and how points are added up.  Unfortunately, our team, whose name I have forgotten, lost.  However, we had a good time with our friends cheering for their daughter (Wham Bam).  I even recognized another member of the team.  I think she was one of Tia's instructors in hair school!

It was not an expensive date, especially since we forgot cash so our friends paid our way in :-).  We did pay them back, and it was the most unique date we've been on in a long time!  Every now and then it is good to have an adventure, and try something new.  Derek enjoyed it, and said he can now check it off his life list (because I'm sure it was on there in the first place!)

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