Saturday, June 20, 2015

Connor's Happy Birthday

Connor had his birthday on June 9th.  It was a happy day for him.  Tia and Kayli took him to lunch at Dairy Queen,
This is Connor and Tia at Dairy Queen.  It was already posted on facebook by them, so it's okay to use it in my blog.
He got brownies for snack, and later sweet and sour chicken for dinner, both at his request.  His friends came by in the afternoon to drop by funny presents, and/or in the evening to have a fire and roast Startbursts. Connor is 17.

The picture of him actually blowing out the candles is really blurry -- but this one is happy!
Tia, Marshayla (an honorary Christensen), and Cousin Noelle (age 8), and Jake's
friend Tyler were also here for brownies -- except I couldn't get Noelle
to eat any.

Connor's friends brought him a present bag full of silly things they got at the dollar store.  He was pretty pleased with the hilarity of it all.  He is proudly holding his plunger and his marijuana test.  He got other "real" presents too.

Connor is a good son.  He gave a talk on Mother's Day and said lots of nice things about me.  I am very blessed to be his Mom.  I've enjoyed him since the first time I saw him screaming his lungs out on the way to the NICU.  I can hardly believe that the little boy who used to make car sounds while driving Christmas presents around is so grown up and is driving real cars around -- and has been for a while!  He is smart, artistic, athletic, and good at pretty much everything he tries(though he doesn't think so).  I love Connor!

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