Friday, December 10, 2010

Elise Mommyop, Elise Mommyop: I Want to Wish you a Merry Christmas

I just thought I'd type this in quick since Dan was just singing this over and over.  Elise Mommyop is really Feliz Navidad.  I guess I know what he thinks they're saying now.

Other things I'm thankful for:
1.  The chance to go with Erin and Russell to his work party and see Russell win twice.
2.  The chance to laugh at Brian Regan again.
3.  Jake and Dan were really good at the dentist -- nevermind that they have multiple cavities.
4.  Jake and Dan were really good at Tia's school having their hair cut.  Jake liked chatting with Tia and Dan is always popular.  He was singing Christmas Carols for all to hear -- which did seem to bring Christmas cheer.
5.  We got to have one of my nieces and one of my nephews over to play this morning and they were cute and good and we were glad they came.
6.  My piano teacher friend came Christmas shopping with me yesterday.
7.  The boys actually slept through the night -- I think.  At least I did.
8.  We got some Christmas letters yesterday.  I love those.
9.  I don't have to go anywhere today if I don't want to.  Nice.
10. Have I mentioned my great family and friends lately?  You're all terrific!


Michelle said...

My favorite messed up interpretation of a song was little purple panties streaked with yellow gold.

Megz said...

Sorry about all the cavities. Maybe just invest in dentures now and save money in the long run. I'm thinking that's what we'll be doing....

T said...

I can imagine Dan's versions of Christmas Carols were spreading LOTS and LOTS of Christmas Cheer... Buddy the Elf would be proud!!!