Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Grouch Returns!

 A few of you will have heard me complain that my Oscar the Grouch shirt was missing.  Thankfully it is found!  I was probably on the phone while folding laundry and it ended up in Connor's pile.  He somehow didn't notice the bright green shirt he was shoving in his drawer and he didn't find it for a couple of weeks.

I like to wear my grouch shirt when I wake up grouchy (unless that happens for days on end -- then I would smell like a trash can).  Wearing my grouch shirt cheers me up almost every time.  I think it's kind of funny to wear a particular shirt because I'm grouchy.  Sometimes the grouch shirt days are the best days of all.  Here I am, wearing my grouch shirt on a day that started off rough but ended up with me getting my early Christmas present of a camera that works.  Dan loves it and took a lot of pictures including the two below.
Above is one of Dan's self photos.  He saw my camera while I was typing this and he's at it again. 

Other thankful items:
1.  Erin chatted with me on the phone on Sunday which was a very happy thing for me.
2.  I don't have any cavities.
3.  It turns out that Tia's cavity wasn't really a cavity, it was "calcium buildup" and that saves me money and her some pain.
4.  Angela watched Dan for me and even fed him lunch while I reclined in the dentist chair.
5.  I have amazingly musical friends that I got to practice songs with last night and that was fun.
6.  Derek had pity on me this morning and shoveled our surprisingly large amount of snow (it was supposed to be just a little on the valley floor - not about 6 inches!).  That snow was heavy and I was hungry.
7.  Tia's new phone took a dunking but it appears to be making a recovery.  It's sitting in a bag of rice.
8.  I have had a great primary team teacher for two years. (I'm still working on being thankful that she has a different church job now and I'm on my own).  I had a different great team teacher before and hopefully I will again.
9.  I'm almost done sending out my Christmas letters and I've gotten more in the mail.
10.  Trisa gets to come to the Christmas party on Saturday.  Hooray!


LC said...

I hope when I go back to the dentist next week he tells me it's not a cavity afterall. I would be SOOO thankful. If not I'll just be thankful for insurance.
It will be great to see you guys and Trisa at the party--gonna be the best ever !

Michelle said...

It must be lovely to have willing babysitters that you do not have to pay in cash. Oh, the benefits of living near family. I wish I was nearby today as I go to the Gyno. I don't think Adam wants to be at that visit.