Monday, March 14, 2011

Cancun Q and A

Here are answers to the questions you've all been wondering.

Q.  Did you get a tan?
A.  No.  The weather was beautiful -- even the thunderstorm -- but it is hard to get tan working inside of the hotel / conference center.  It is equally hard to get tan during a thunderstorm.  We did get out enough for Derek to become a redneck again -- but I don't think I got anything in the way of even a healthy sun kiss.  One co-workers wife said "and the sad thing is that all of my friends think I'm lying on a beach -- and I'm inside wearing long sleeves!"

Q.  Did you eat too much?
A. I plead the fifth.  Derek ate too much until he ate the wrong thing.  He went to the Dr. today to get some help getting better from montezumas revenge which he has suffered from since Thursday.  This picture was taken Wednesday before he felt bad.

Q.  Was your whole trip that depressing?
A.  No.  It was beautiful there.  We did get to walk back and forth between buildings in the sun and we got to spend a couple of mornings in the sun.  We even went on a bike ride and saw an iguana.  I have the proof.

Q.  What was your room like? 
A.  Click here to take a tour.  It was more like an apartment than a room.  Here's a picture for those who wouldn't like to go touring.

Q.  What was your favorite thing?
A.  The times we didn't have duties and I could just relax in my p.j.'s with Derek in our awesome room.  I'd say it was being outside -- and that was nice -- but it was windy and winds almost always make me cold and so I wore a jacket to the beach one of the two times I went and regretted not taking one the other time.

Q.  Did Derek do well on the surprise presentation he had to give on stage in front of a thousand or more people?
A.  Of course!  If only the teleprompter had been higher it would have been perfect.

Q.  Why did Derek take his phone into the bathroom in the middle of the night and drop it in the toilet?
A.  He'd like to know that too.  It was the first night he was sick and he figures he was sort of sleep walking.  He can't figure out why he thought taking his phone with him was a good plan.  He was out of it enough to have had trouble getting the battery out fast.  It's still in rice so we don't know if it works.  If so Trisa figures people can now ask him if he uses a toilet seat cover on his phone when he uses it.

Q.  At the closing banquet why did they make an announcement looking for Derek?
A.  A bit of a misunderstanding.  Derek was sick in our room and I was at the banquet by myself.  I was a little too hungry and I was overwhelmed by the idea of trying to find somewhere to sit amongst 2100 strangers (and a few staff members who were there somewhere).  I was just deciding I'd skip over to the hotel restaraunt where I knew they'd seat me when I ran into a staff member who said hello and was a little too observant and asked if I was okay.  I had a bit of a come apart (sigh) and somehow, though I had actually been looking for my brother in law Jordan, the communication got all messed up and before long lots of staff thought I was sick and looking for Derek. They did find me a seat by a friendly staff member from Elk Ridge and so I sat by her and her husband and her three kids and their husbands.  They were all very kind.  I escaped as soon as possible to warn Derek that the next day, even though he was sick, people would be asking how I was doing:).  It was a little confusing for nice staff members when they asked if I was feeling better and I explained that Derek was the one that was sick -- I had just been hungry and needed a place to sit.  I'm sure that made no sense to any of them.  Ah well.  They were all very nice.  I never even saw Jordan.  Maybe he snuck over to the hotel restaraunt -- but likely he just got there more on time than me and was seated among the crowd.  I was rather glad they didn't find him since he would likely have been a bit alarmed that I was looking for him.

Q. How hard did the workers work to please us?
A.  Very hard.  They were not happy unless a drink of our choice was in our hand and they greeted us kindly and mostly in spanish.  I really liked that our servers the last night got to see fire dancers from the Polynesian Cultural Center who had flown over to Mexico for the company party.  They appeared to really love it and it dawned on me that they would likely never be in Hawaii themselves and so this may have been their only chance to ever see cool fire dancing.  Here is a random worker.  They mowed at 7 a.m. on Saturday.  That wasn't our favorite.
Q.  How much confidence did you have in the people working in the control tower at the airport?
A.  Considerably less once we saw that the tower is one big advertisement for beer.
Q.  Did you get a picture of the airplane that brought you home?
A.  How kind of you to ask.  Yes.  I did.

Q.  Do you want to go back
A.  Derek said, "Remind me never to go to Mexico again."  I, on the other hand, think it would be great as long as we pack all of Derek's food and water and take it with us.


Saimi said...

Great Q&A! That whole cell phone toilet ordeal was hilarious!! I was ready to be majorly jealous of you but since your weather wasn't the best I decided against it!

I love Cancun, the beach, the sand, the drinks, the warm water.... but mostly the sun!!

LC said...

Viva Mexico!
They really know how to throw a "potty" Ha Ha.
I enjoyed the video tour. I'm ready to move in!
Q. What did Derek eat??

Megz said...

It sounds like you probably could have done the same stuff here in Utah, but at least you got to fly on a plane.
That stinks about Der's phone. Thanks for the reminder to never take my cell into the little boys room.

Happy Mom said...

You crack me up! This is a very entertaining documentation of your trip! You've convinced me to visit Mexico via a cruise ship (someday), and bring my lunch from off the boat! I hope that the chance to get away from normal life and be with Derek was worth the hiccups in the trip. Hope your back is doing ok too!

Anna said...

Awesome post!!! I laughed my head off at some of the things you said. Poor Derek. Getting sick always puts a major damper on a fun trip. Glad you're home safely!

Marcy said...

What a fun and clever way to share your trip with us! I'm glad you had fun even without the sun. Hope Derek feels better soon!