Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Perks of Pain

I felt the need to blog about something, and besides that fact that Dan worked for 40 minutes solid at preschool today to make six puppets, and his teacher was really impressed with his attention span and ability to cut well left handed, I couldn't think of much else to say -- other than whining about how hard it is to sleep on your back.  It's easy to stay awake on your back but sleeping that way for long periods of time is tricky.  But, there are perks to pain, and I am going to tell you some of them.  And for all of you nice concerned people -- no worries -- I plan on sitting on the beach a lot of next week and getting lots better-- or at least more tan.

Back to the perks:

1.  My husband is nice and likes me to feel well.  So, when he heard that me hanging upside down like a bat might help, he looked for an incline machine thingy (not its official name).  I bought it.  The nice man at the store put it in the car, and Derek put it together.  Here's me standing on it.

This is actually the third picture Dan took.  The second one has me hanging upside down and I'm too vain to post it.  Talk about red in the face!  The first one is below.  It was meant to look like the one above only when Dan went to take the picture I leaned back -- forgetting what would happen.  Dan and I had a good laugh.

2.  One of my sisters in law told me once that our garbage is always full.  I think she is right.  Now that she has five kids she says hers is the same.  Anyhow, I think that I take out the garbage more than anyone else at our house.  Now, when I see the full garbage can, I can ignore it, even if it's overflowing -- if I go in another room.  Otherwise I am just pretending to ignore it.
I think we've had this garbage can for 20 years or more.  It has a lid to hide the garbage but, if your garbage is always full, the lid just gets in the way of shoving things in!  So, we keep the lid off, and I get a break from kitchen garbage removal.  Lucky me!

3.  I no longer need to push the heavy grocery cart when I go shopping or lift the heavy bags, and I always have company, and my kids get to learn my fabulous shopping methods (which consist of starting at the back of the store and moving forward and getting everything on my list and everything I see that I forgot to put on my list without having to move backwards to get anything I forgot--what a great method! :)  Besides, who wouldn't want to shop with Connor?
His hair looks fabulous even when he's been playing ball!
4.  I attended Kayli and Connor's band concert last night.  They both did well -- at least I couldn't hear them goof from where I was sitting.  I could see Connor's elbow occasionally and Kayli's face if I leaned a little.  Afterwards it was time to put away the heavy, uncomfortable chair that I had been sitting on.  Since I tend to tell everyone about my woes, my nice friend pretty much did a body block to keep me from stacking my own chair.  So, I get to sit in the uncomfortable chair, but I do not have to stack it!

5.  Okay, so really, how many perks to pain can there be?  Probably more than I listed here but if I'm going to take Connor shopping I'd best get the list made.  Here's hoping that the beach has restorative powers, or at least sunshine!


Megz said...

I think a perk to pain is that you can trump other peoples whines. "What, your kid had a bad tantrum today? Well mine did too on top of ME BEING IN PAIN".....see how it works? You always win.
Remind me not to whine at you for awhile. Of course, you're going on a fun trip so maybe that cancels out your ability to whine about your pain....

cold cocoa said...

I hope the pain becomes more pleasurable. How cool would that be?

I love your garbage can. I have known that garbage can for 20 years and it reminds me of fun times at each of your houses. So never discard it.
Our garbage is in a perma-full state, it's true.

Michelle said...

Wow! What a long lasting item in a world of planned obsolescence. Hope your back feels much better soon and that you have fun on your new machine and trip.

Anna said...

Oooh, a trip to someplace warm, sunny, and having a beach sounds just divine! Maybe laying on the warm sand will be like being a body-size hotpad set on low. Anything warm right now sounds lovely. I like what you said about always having a shopping companion (hey, if you are game for a non-family companion call me!!). I like having a shopping buddy. And I like that you're focusing on the positive.

LC said...

I always come home from a beach trip feeling like a new woman. Hope you do too!