Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Boys and Good Dads

I just want to report that Connor is a fantastic shopping companion.  He was cheerful and when I'd go to pick something up he'd say "I can get that!"  I did tease him that even Dan doesn't try to sneak things into the cart.  Connor really wanted those Cocoa Roos.  I didn't get him any, but I did let him go drool over the electronic equipment and Wii games.  So, if you ever need a helper, Connor is a great one.  He'd probably take Cocoa Roos in payment.

Also, cousins and uncles should be flattered because Dan said to me the other day, "I wish that the cousins and their daddies could come and play tomorrow".  Above Dan is playing with his cousins -- you can just only see one.  Dan is always asking me "What are we going to do tomorrow?"  When I ask him what he wants to do he often names specific cousins he'd like to play with.  He doesn't understand distances and can't understand why I won't take him to play with Caleb, or Tyson.  He changes up the cousins he wants to play with.  He's one blessed little boy to have cousins for friends.

I should also mention Jake.  Yesterday Derek left so early and got home so late that Jake never got to see him.  (Derek did come home for a little while but Jake was off playing with a cousin).  I let Jake stay up with me for quite a while until he decided on his own that he really had better go to bed.  It's nice that he knows how to tell time and understands that he'll be too tired if he waits too long.  Jake loves his Dad.  He plays with him as much as he can and Derek makes him smile.  He was sad not to see him, but he was happy again this morning when he got a little time with Dad before school.

Hooray for good boys and good dads!


Michelle said...

Your kids are so good. How did you do that? Dan, Jake, and Connor are fantastic boys.

LC said...

Aren't Coco-Roos the breakfast of champions these days? Or is it Fruity Dino-bites?
Adrie is my little shopping helper. She gets to pick a box of mac-n-cheese for payment.
Those are some good boys in your house!

Saimi said...

Good boys come from good parenting and good genes! Way too go mom and dad!!