Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plop Went the Pizza .... etc.

Last week, on Friday, I started making dinner at 5:30.  I think that was the quickest I've ever managed to make pizza (maybe because Derek was helping) and it was ready to come out at about 6:05.  So I reached in, oven mit secure on my hand, and started to pull the pizza out.  Then something happened.  It happened so fast I'm not sure exactly what, I just know that before anything could be done the pizza slid right off the pan onto the bottom of the oven and the door.  Before long the fire alarms were blaring and the windows and doors were being opened to clear the air.  Derek and I worked together with separate spatulas and soon had most of the pizza back on the pan.  Thankfully all of the pizzas were done cooking.  Derek and I ate the plopped pizza and the kids decided they'd go for the more normal looking ones.  Thankfully it was not the "Dan pizza" because there wasn't an extra of those.  Here is a picture of the oven after we had taken out most of the pizza.
Now for the etc. part of the post:

Dan said his night time prayer with Derek the other night. Afterwards Derek hurried into our room to write down what Dan had said so that I could post it later.  Dan prayed, "Thankful that Jesus made us -- with a little help from God".

Another day when I was with Dan during his night time prayer he said "Thankful that Dad's not faster than me at running to my room".  (I guess Derek was very convincing when he let Dan win).

The day after Derek and I had been gone to dinner and Tia had been watching Dan, he said to me, with some amount of surprise, "Mom, Tia can't see without her glasses!"  I told him that Dad and Trisa had a hard time seeing without theirs too.  He's used to me since I am with him every day and I am still blessed to be able to see quite well without my glasses, I just get less headaches with them.  Sometimes though, I can forget mine, or just get tired of them being on my face and I take them off.  Dan said "Tia just takes her glasses off to sleep". 

Dan is working hard at figuring the world out.  He did freak Trisa out a bit when she came to visit because he said "Trisa, we're all going to die soon."  She asked if he was worried about that and he said "No, we'll all live in heaven together and it will be nice." 

My favorite thing that he says though is not "what's tomorrow Mom?" because he asks that a lot and I don't always get the answer right according to Dan. Lately he keeps asking "When is the last day Mom?"  I don't know what he is hoping I'll say, and I usually just say "I don't know".   My real favorite is when he says "I'll love you forever Mom".  That will be nice.


Saimi said...

Awe, I love Dan and I think he should have his very own blog called:
According to Dan. I'd be his first follower, of course after you that is.

So sad about the pizza, man I hate the burnt oven smell! Kudo's to you for eating it!!

stephanie said...

Dan is character. I like him!

Sorry about the pizza. that is a bummer.

Michelle said...

Fire alarms going off is a daily occurrence at our house. We put it in the wrong place. Dan makes me want to have happy, creative kids instead of grouchy, fighting kids.

LC said...

It sounds like Dan is making "end of the world" predictions. The pizza incident provides perfect symbolism.
Could he pinpoint an exact time frame? That would be helpful.
Cute kid!

LC said...

p.s. I burned the lentils yesterday. The kids (and Brandon) were overjoyed that we had to find something else for dinner.

TisforTonya said...

I've dropped the pizza in that exact same mysterious way before. Or, at least we can assume it's the same way because I couldn't quite figure it out either. The good thing? it made me finally scour the oven :) The bad thing (aside from the blaring fire alarms and burnt pizza smell) Now I get crabby when someone makes a small mess in my newly cleaned oven!

Megz said...

Way to eat the messy pizza. I think I would have just given that one to the dog. But we don't have one, so maybe I would have just called you over to eat it?
tell Dan to stop being so deep. He's making me look bad.

Happy Mom said...

What a cute boy! Glad you could rescue the pizza, but sorry about the inevitable clean up!