Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love and Sunshine

Valentines Day was full of good things and good people at our house.  Derek left me a note that I love, and he had already given me flowers and boots!  The kids loved their books and Trisa liked her phone call and the card that got to her late.  Derek got a magazine, a note, and a song I wrote and performed for him and the family.  Maybe I'll share that on another occasion.
Flowers that were delivered with the words "It's okay if they die".
(or something similar).  I have a new Rosey though the other one hopefully survived the winter.

I have been writing a little more lately, and so here is a poem I wrote a few minutes ago.  Enjoy!

Standing in the Sun

How do I find some joy today?
How can I see morning lights first ray,
When it seems that the clouds are thick and deep?
Where is the peace I seek?

Where can I find a hope that's deep?
How when I feel so very weak?
Where do I go when the path's unclear?
How do I conquer fear?

I reach through the darkness to the light.
I step out boldly into the night.
I hold my head up in spite of pain.
And I find sunshine in the rain.

I see in my mind my Savior's face.
I feel in my heart His loving grace.
I reach out my hands to His wounded ones.
And then I am standing in the sun.


TisforTonya said...

I love that poem... good reminder as I embark on my day (ummm... yes, it is a little late for embarking... maybe I should have read this earlier?) - you can share your song with us when you visit if you'd like, we always love to hear them :)

Happy Mom said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad the love day was great!

LC said...

Sounds like some great lyrics for a song. Can't wait for you to perform both of them.

Glad you had a happy love-y day.

Megz said...

Nice flowers.
Glad you are finding time to prose again. Can that be a verb? I kinda like it as a verb.

Saimi said...

Wonderful poem, the sun is a cure all that's for sure!

stephanie said...

great poem!