Friday, September 6, 2013

Let it Go

I have been blessed to be surrounded by really great people throughout my life, and have not had to forgive much because I have been treated so well.  However, I think everyone gets some practice at this!  There was one time when I was put on the spot in front of other people.  I was being asked to do something that I thought was not right, or fair, by someone that I thought should have known better.  I was angry at the awkward situation I was put in, and perhaps I was angry because I didn't think of what I "should" have said until later!

Now, in this situation, there was no real harm done, but I was hurt, and upset.  I lost sleep stewing over it.  Should I do something?  Should I say something?  Why?  Why would they do that when they surely knew it was not the right thing to do?  I talked to Derek about it and his advice was simple.  "Let it go."  But I was right!  I was so sure I was right! 

Somehow or another I did let that go, and over time I came to realize that this person that I thought should know better, was doing what they thought was best.  I still don't agree that it was best, but I believe they wouldn't have done what they did unless they thought it was right.  Most often, people are trying to do what is right, or to help; and yet, even if they are not, Derek's advice is still good.  "Let it go."

God's judgments will be just, and we do not need to hold on to our anger to make sure that God is aware that someone did a bad thing to us.  He knows, and we can trust Him.  I am so thankful for the gift of forgiveness!  Holding on to anger feels awful, and it is best to let it go!  

*Picture from Google Images by Melissa Feifer 2012

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Saimi said...

Your husband is a wise man! It's so true, usually when we hang on to something, it only hurts us - learning to 'let it go' is the best advice!