Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Non Fluff Books Are Piling Up!

8 Things Only Book Lovers Understand
My stack of books in the "to read" pile aren't this high.
I can't decide if that's a good thing or not.
I love books.

I love myself a good "fluffy" book -- that being books to read just for fun, with no real expectation of learning much, just of being entertained.  I like a good romance, especially if it is funny.  I like a good mystery story, or a spy novel, or science fiction, or even the occasional fantasy book. Happy endings are almost a must.  However, with very few exceptions, my favorite books are the non fluffy kind that tend to take a little more work to get through.  I like books of history that teach me about people, and events of our past.  I like books that help me understand church doctrine better, and I love the books that happen to give me an idea of how to do better myself.  Some of my challenges have been solved, or at least helped through books.  Some of the little goals I've tried, I have seen first in a book.

So, when I go to the bookstore, I tend to look on the discount table for both kinds of books.  If one seems especially interesting, or seems to be interesting and an exceptionally good deal, it might end up in my desk in the line of books that I haven't read yet.  The fiction ones, that I can whip through in a day or two, don't stack up, but the more studious type do.

This last year I had a system that has worked pretty well.  I picked a book, and read at least a chapter almost every day until I was done.  I looked at the books I've finished, and I'm pretty sure I read at least ten, and maybe as many as a dozen, non fluff books last year (It's hard for me to remember exactly when I read things -- and some of those were kind of short).

This year I decided to go back to something I did a few years ago.  I wrote a list of 12 books to read.  There is one for every month.  This still left me with one two that were not on the list, and there is always the possibility that I will find more during the year.  The idea isn't to limit me to twelve, but to get through at least the twelve on my list.  There is a problem with this method.  Sometimes if I make a goal to do something, it can make it seem like a job, instead of something to enjoy.  That's why I only did it for one year before.  I'm counting on my last years method helping me with this year's goal.

I'm not sure if this can be called a little goal.  It's more a rearrangement of how I do something that I already do.  Right?  So it should be "easy" to accomplish.  I've already finished January's book.  I'll tell you all about it next time.

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