Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Teenager in the House

My first baby boy has long since stopped being a baby.  He is 13 now and is enjoying a happy day.  Today he has spent the morning goofing off with Trisa and Kayli.  They are good friends and have been laughing all morning and being generally silly.  Tia came home for lunch from school so that she could wish Connor a happy birthday, which was thoughtful.  At snack time we had some cousins over for cake and ice cream, and for dinner Connor got Chinese food, including some Honey Shrimp because Connor loves shrimp.

He opened his presents this morning without Tia (she was gone to school but had told us we could go ahead without her).  I suspect his favorite presents were the books.  He LOVES books and gets annoyed if you borrow one and he discovers you are not using a bookmark, or are using a handy sock or some other odd object as a bookmark.

Connor got a backpack so that he will be prepared for all of the camping he will do as a Boy Scout.
His Dad found him a red Darth Vader sucker, and a match box Corvette (Connor drools over Corvettes)
Here are pictures of Connor blowing out the candles on his cake.

 He didn't manage it the first time.
 He didn't manage it the second time.
By then Bennett, and everyone else including Connor were laughing so hard that he didn't really manage it the third time either, but he provided us all with lots of amusement.

This is really his second celebration since on Sunday his Grandma F. surprised him with cake, ice cream and a present.  Lucky Connor!  Aunt Michelle surprised him with a treat today too.  It has been a good day for a very good boy.  I think we will enjoy having another teenager in the house.


Saimi said...

Aw how fun!! He looks so happy, there's just something about being a teen!!

Congratulations and a BIG happy birthday to Conner!!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Connor!! What an awesome boy he is, especially with that ready grin of his.

Megz said...

Looks like good gifts. Happy Birthday Connor!

LC said...

You've raised some pretty awesome teenagers. Happy birthday to the newest one!

Marcy said...

It looks like a great day for Connor! It's a good thing you like having teenagers around cuz you have a few!! :)