Thursday, June 16, 2011


I often say I don't like to read poetry, I just like to write it.  I realized yesterday that this is not true!  I like to read my own poetry.  I like reading my brother Brian's poetry (on the rare ocassion when I can get a hold of some).  I like reading hymns, songs, and nursery rhymes, which are poetry.  I always liked to read a book my Dad and Mom owned by Edgar A. Guest that was poetry.  There are some poems that I like to read very much.  This is a good discovery and I am out to discover more poetry that I like.  Do any of you have suggestions? 

I have a plan to read a poem every day for a month (yes only one, I don't want to commit too much time!) and then to write a poem a day for a month.  I was inspired with this idea when I read a book my sister Tina sent me called The Happiness Project.  I am not ready to do a full fledged happiness project, but this sounds like a good way to expand my horizons and hopefully improve a talent.

So if you have a poem
That you would like to share,
Or know a poet that you feel
Is just beyond compare,
I'd love to hear about it,
So send a note my way,
And you can be certain,
Your note will make my day.


LC said...

My grandma published a book of poetry called, "Gleanings." Growing up we would use it for church talks and my mom would make us memorize them.

I'll have to find an extra copy of it for you. I also like a book called "Favorite Poems of the LDS People." Here's one from it that I find myself repeating often:

If a task is once begun
Never leave it 'till it's done.
Be the labor great or small.
Do it well or not at all.

Saimi said...

What a talent you have there Sher,
A poet indeed, I can obviously see.

You're bright and creative your mind is unique,
I would love to crawl inside and perhaps take a peek.

So please keep writing don't let the pen drop,
It's a talent to share, you must never stop!

stephanie said...

oh Sher, you are in for a real treat hehe! I went through a poetry writing phase in middle school. There are two I remember so I will share them with you.


one day while shopping at a store
I saw a shirt I really adore
then I saw a piece of dirt
just sitting on the floor
AAAAHHHH! I screamed who made this mess?
whoever did, please do confess!
we've got detectives on this case
they know ever shoe print by your face.
now tell me who is the one
don't lie, I've got a water gun
come out from hiding it's only 10 trillion years in jail
It is not like you are dying
only 10 trillion dollars for your bail.
then I looked upon my shoe and saw a piece of dirt
suddenly I had the flu so I took the shirt..............and left

My hero
look out and see the calm ocean ahead
what lieas beneath that ocean bed?
people died in that water so grand
they fought for us to free this land
pearls and diamonds are lovely to hold
and how great it would be to have silver and gold
but what worth would those riches be
if we lived in a land that wasn't free
my hero is not a movie star
or a guy with a cool car
my hero fought for justice and liberty
my hero made it possible to be free.

so how is that for a post. I hope you enjoy my pre-teen years poetry

Tina said...

Here's one I like:

Author Unknown

Sometimes I cry.
No, not for sadness,
But because happiness fills my soul.
And through my tears,
I realize that
My cup runneth over.

TisforTonya said...

The problem with my poetry
and this you know is true
it often leans toward snarky
I feel I should spare you...