Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dan's Secret Identity

Last year was difficult in some ways.  We had been switched to a very nice new ward (church congregation), but the change was still hard -- especially for Jake.  So it was that I found myself with a couple of hours on a Sunday to spend with just Jake while the rest of the family was at church.  This happened more than once, and I prayed and prayed to know how to help Jake.  I felt like my prayer was answered on more than one occasion with inspiration.

This particular Sunday the thought came to mind that I should have Jake help me write a song.  I gave him a choice of who he wanted to write about, and he chose Dan.  Jake is a very good big brother for Dan.  He loves him.  This is the song that Jake and I wrote.  You will understand the song better if you know that Dan has an excellent imagination, and has played his own made up game for years where his secret identity has occasionally changed.  I sang the song for Dan when he got home that Sunday.  He loved it.

Secret Identity

There is a boy in our family, who has a secret identity.
He fights robots and evil men, shooting, exploding, and hurting them.
But when he is with the family, he plays the piano repeatedly,
And smiles and laughs and twirls around.  A happier boy could not be found.
His secret identity's not always the same.  He's trying to find the most awesome name.
He started as Super Duper Dan, but was also cool as Dan the Man.
Robotic Destroyer -- a scary name, he could have helped Batman to defeat Bane.
Falcon #4 added magic and more.  Watching those battles would not be a bore.
The last of all of his secret names, Used in his totally awesome games,
Is Swordsman now, the winner of all, causing all kinds of bad guys to fall.
All of those secret names are great, and many a criminal has met his fate.
But regular Dan, with his super smile, helps our family through many a trial.
Defeating the grumpies is a good thing too,
And Dan is ready with a smile for you.

Jake was very helpful with writing this song.  He is good at rhyming, and he was aware of a lot more of Dan's secret identities than I was!  If you'd like to hear it sung click here.
Dan and Jake

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