Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Is Listening?

I needed a picture, and Dan was kind enough to pose for me.

A couple of weeks ago it struck me that God can hear what I say -- and would I want Him to?  Do I say good things?  In fact, He knows my thoughts too, and shouldn't that help me to think and say better things?  Then this past week I was listening to the Christian radio station and a lady called in with a story about the words we say, and who is listening.

I'll call the caller Ella.  She was at home, and her step daughter and baby were there. There was a baby monitor set up, which Ella had forgotten about. When her step daughter went to check on the baby, Ella started gossiping about her to the other person who was there.

Pretty soon the step daughter came out and said, "You know, the baby monitor is on, and I can hear what you are saying".  You can imagine the horror that Ella felt.  She knew already that she shouldn't be gossiping, and now she had been caught doing just that -- by the very person she had been gossiping about.  The words could no longer be unsaid, or unheard.  The relationship was damaged. Over time, the relationship has become good again, but it isn't as close as it once was because Ella betrayed her step daughter's trust, and is still working to earn it back.

Ella said that this experience has served to remind her not to gossip -- ever.  She tries harder now to think, and to say good things.  We may think only one person is listening, but God always is, and He wants us to be kind.  Good words and bad words can easily travel farther than we intend -- I'd much rather accidentally send good words travelling far!

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