Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Communing with God

Provo Utah Temple *
Almost twenty five years ago I went through the temple for the first time.  The temple is the house of God, and the first time I went I had many people with me that I love including, my parents, my sister Tina and her husband Chris, my Grandma Fuller, my Aunt Vanda and Uncle Carl, Derek, and his parents.  It was a special occasion.  Looking around the room, I noticed that President Jeffrey R. Holland (President of BYU at that time) was also in the room.  Since I was a student at BYU, I had seen President Holland a few times, listened to him at devotionals, and had exchanged hellos with him as we walked through the book store going opposite directions.
Elder Holland
As I entered the Celestial Room all of those years ago, I remember seeing President Holland briefly.  He was sitting in a chair with his arms folded, his head bowed, and his eyes closed.  He had such an air of reverence that in my mind the thought came that he was communing with God.

As I have attended the temple over the years I have thought of his example many times, and have learned to make sure that I take a few minutes every time I go to the temple to sit quietly with my arms folded, my head bowed, my eyes closed, and pray.  What a blessing this has been to me!  I have been thankful many times that I was blessed to have President Holland in the temple that day. His example, though he never knew it, has made a difference to me.  It is an honor to go to the temple and commune with God.

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Happy Mom said...

Nice reminder! Thanks! I love Elder Holland so much!

Saimi said...

Wow Seeing Elder Holland in the Temple what a great honor as well as a wonderful example!

Melissa Moody said...

I love it when connections come at the same time. My nephew just reported in his weekly email from the MTC that Elder Holland came and spoke to them this week. And what a wonderful surprise it was because they never get some one that "big" unless it's a holiday.

luckyinkentucky said...

Elder Holland is my favorite speaker, I still can't get over his epic talk last Conference (and every other epic talk). Seeing him in the Temple would be an amazing honor! Thanks for commenting on my blog Sheri, it means a lot to me, esp since you are the only one that ever comments--I think my family reads it, anyway it's my feeble way of keeping friends and fam updated on our life, esp since I am not on facebook. Take Care! Alicent