Sunday, January 13, 2013

Playing in the Snow

Jake in the snow.

Proof that the snow is deep.
Friday was a day off school for my children.  It was a teacher preparation day, but it likely would have been a day off anyhow.  We had a LOT of snow.  Jake and Kayli and I went out to play in it.  I told them that this is the fun kind of snow because you can fall backwards and not get hurt at all.  I demonstrated for them and ended up with a face full of snow, but it didn't hurt! 

We avoided the shoveled walks for a lot of our adventure and walked through the big piles.  We made snow angels in the unplowed part of the church parking lot, and admired the neighbors' snow caves.  We trooped through the garden, and Kayli pulled all of the old wasp nests out of the play house.

 Jake face planted a couple of times.  The snow was up to my knees and it was just below Jake's waist.  That made walking through it harder for him, but he loved it!  He found that in places where the snow had been shoveled he could grab giant snow balls.  Jake loves winter and had a big grin as he packed piles of snow around.  We didn't take a camera with us then, but Jake posed for me today.  Friday was a good day.  It was fun to remember how much I enjoy playing in the snow.

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Saimi said...

Snow and kids go hand in hand! One of my best memories was waking up to a 'snow day' when it dumped a ton of snow. School was cancelled and the boys and I played all day - it was awesome!

I'm glad you're enjoying them as they are gone before you know it.