Friday, March 22, 2013

Dan Stories

The other day Dan was talking about his sisters.  "I love Tia because she is funny, and she tells me funny stories like The Healing Waters of Gid."  (That is a story that Tia made up, and the title has been talked about a lot, though I'm not sure even Tia remembers how the story goes).  Then Dan said, "I love Trisa because she loves me so much and she misses me."  Kayli was sitting there listening, and when Dan stopped talking she said "What about me?"  He said,  "I love you too, but ...."  I can't remember what was after that, but Kayli was feeling a little put out!

Yesterday Dan made a picture on the computer, and put his Dad's initials on it, and printed it.  I thought he had made it for Derek, but then he said, "I put my initials on it!"  I explained that his middle name is not Blair, it is Thomas (something he should know since I call him Dan Thomas half the time).  He cried and cried because he wanted it to be Blair and he didn't want his picture to be messed up.  Kayli patiently helped him fix the picture so that it had his correct initials.  He looked at the old one and said, "I don't like this one because it is wrong."  I suggested he give it to his Dad, and he did, and he seemed rather proud of it again.

Last Night Dan asked me when Trisa is coming home.  I told him she isn't coming until next week, but that Tia would be here in about an hour and a half -- after he would be asleep.  I told him that when he woke up, Tia would be asleep in the guest room.  Dan said, "Oh!  If I can't sleep tonight, I will just come up and sleep with her because she's funny."

This morning while I was sitting by the fire, and he was eating, he got up and came over, hugged me, and said, "I just came and hugged you because I was bored without a hug."

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Happy Mom said...

What a cutie he is!