Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Miracles Within a Miracle

Look at Trisa's cute little baby legs!
After that first miscarriage Derek and I were soon expecting again, only we had a lot less optimism and more fear.  A couple of months in, while I was at work, it became apparent that this pregnancy wasn't going to go smoothly either.  My boss let me leave, and after a trip to the doctor, I was confined to my bed.  That was the beginning of my opportunity to lie around for seven months.

I took finals and graduated from college in my bed.  Derek graduated from college by my side, and then proceeded to work two jobs to try to earn the money we needed.  The good news is not just that Trisa arrived safely, but that because of the constant kindness of those around me, I still look back on that time and am thankful for it.  I had seven months to soak in the lessons people taught me by their excellent examples of thoughtfulness and service.  They are examples I still hope to live up to,  given to me by people that I love. 

This is a story of miracles within a miracle.  Trisa was proclaimed a "miracle baby" by many, and those seven months before she arrived were full of the kind of miracles that saved my days from sadness, worry, boredom, and loneliness over and over again.  These are the kind of miracles that good people create every day by the kind things they do.  I am thankful for the good people I know, and the miracles they make for me, including the ones that helped make Trisa's safe arrival possible, and the time waiting to get her here full of good memories.


Melissa Moody said...

I always thought of you as some one that can do any thing and now i know for sure. Seven months in bed pregnant that amazing!

Michelle said...

I'm sure that even if people weren't loving and kind you would have looked on the exerience with fondness because that is the type of person you are. Glass half full is more your style than my glass half empty. Thanks for teaching me everyday.