Thursday, November 13, 2014

Soup, Energy, and a Pretty Van

Google image.  My soup had no carrots (we were out) or noodles
or green specks.

On Tuesday I decided to make some soup with the things I had on hand.  I used canned chicken, and canned broth, green onions, and some garden potatoes and tomatoes, and some seasoning stuff (technical name for spices).  It really wasn't anything special, except I thought it turned out surprisingly well considering my celery was brown and limp, so I threw it away.  I was thankful I liked it, but more thankful that Dan did!  He had three helpings while exclaiming over and over that it was delicious, and one of only four soups he likes (I have no idea what the other three are).

I am perhaps more thankful for that because my children take after me, and are a bit on the picky side. It's a lot more normal to hear "Ewww", or "Oh darn, not that!" or something along those lines than to hear exclamations of joy -- and for the record, my cooking is not that bad!  I gave my Mom so much trouble over food that I'm pretty sure I don't deserve anything but the "Ewww" comments (or frowns) I get, but it sure is nice when a complement comes my way!

Wednesday Jake was home sick again and I was really thankful to wake up feeling better myself.  I didn't have a headache all day long, and I woke up with a plan for handling a day with Jake.  The day went quite well, and then, when I was tired, I didn't end up having to go to a cold, outside meeting after all.  Hooray for so many tender mercies in one day!

Finally, today we got our white van back.  In June I was rear ended, and though the person who hit me was driving a car that was insured, and the police report clearly put her at fault, the insurance company fought paying for it. (For the record she was really nice, and it was an accident.  Those things happen).  Finally, at the end of October things were worked out, and today the van's bumper looks lovely and new.  My pretty van is pretty again and I don't have to call that insurance company back any more and try to convince them to be reasonable!

This is not my van, but it looks a lot the same.
The collision company even cleaned the inside for me.

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