Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Thankful Turkey

I do not know that any of my kids are big fans of eating turkey.  It can be tolerated.  But they don't mind a good "thankful turkey".  Each year we make a turkey, and put feathers on him that all say something we are thankful for.  Here's our lopsided turkey.  We'll write on more feathers as the days go by and he'll start to look less like a half plucked gobbler.
This turkey looks a bit timid!
Yesterday for family home evening we had a lesson on Gratitude.  One of our activities was a treasure hunt of things that I like.  I thought it was funny when the boys read something like "I have lots of keys that don't open anything".  They ran to where we keep the keys to the cars and such.  It took a bit of a hint from Derek before they took off for the piano.

We made the thankful turkey next.  Dan wasn't feeling up to writing his five feathers, but he plans on putting "Bearry" the big bear on one.  I think it's funny that Connor is thankful for "Play Station 4" even though we don't have one.  He was also thankful for bacon, pandas, music, blankets and pillows, and food, "especially bread bowls".  (Guess what we had for dinner?)  

I was thankful for Derek's amused look (which he gets when he thinks he's been funny), my sword, and my princess puppet, along with the more usual things of music and my family.  Jake is thankful for family, animals, friends, exercise balls, and legos.  And Derek is thankful for "Chewy's People, Cedar's Hair Artist, Girl From Snow,  My very own Precious, and My Awesome Ninjas."
Here's one of Derek's ninjas.  Dan in his Halloween Ninja costume.
I am thankful for a tradition that helps us not to turn into ungrateful turkeys!

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